Call for Volunteers

The IEEE CS Special Technical Community on Social Networking (STCSN) ( invites enthusiastic volunteers for the following new positions: 

Conferences Chair (update: taken) 
  • Identify existing conferences of relevance. Contact the organizers of these conferences to publicize the STCSN at their event in form of poster display and brochures, in return for publicizing their conferences to the STCSN members. Contact general chairs of several relevant conferences to discuss collaboration with STCSN (e.g., technical co-sponsorship). In the absence of relevant existing conferences, work with STCSN chair and relevant board(s) in Computer Society to establish a conference. 
Membership officers (update: 1 position taken, 1 position) 
  • Help invite new members and produce reports on memberships. Help members find openings in our volunteer positions. Engage members to add to our content. 
Bulletin Editor  (update: taken)
  • Draft short, simple, consistent layout for bulletin. Identify media to publish online bulletin and establish circulation to members in cooperation with Webmaster. Solicit short contributions to the bulletin and coordinate information officers. Aim at short bulletins with frequent issues (e.g., monthly). 
Webmaster (update: taken)
  • Support all officers in publishing their latest news and successes online. Announce each issue of bulletin to members 
  • Acquire monthly progress reports from all officers and from newsletter editor
  • Generate a monthly summary report in a consistent format for the STCSN chair(s) and for publication in monthly newsletter and STCSN website (e.g., under a governance section)
Industry Chair:
  • Contact industry to invite contributions on monthly newsletter about industrial practices in the STCSN topic area.
  • Work with the academic chair to establish an interface and opportunities to bridge academia and industry STCSN members. 
Academic Chair:
  • Work with the industry chair to establish an interface and opportunities to bridge academic and industrial STCSN members.
  • Organize student awards to recognize academic merit in STCSN topic area.
  • Work to attract newsletter contributions from academic groups in the STCSN topic area.
If you are interested in any of these positions, please send an e-mail with brief information about you to Symeon Papadopoulos (STCSN chair) papadop @